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Hello 2019!

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We hope you found joy and peace this holiday season and wish you a bright and prosperous 2019!


Premiere Suites Victoria 2019


From your friends at Premiere Suites Victoria:

Rachelle, Courtney, Ann, Beverly, Dennis, Romeo, Tracy (& Carlos), and Jonathan

CHEK News Commercials – Premiere goes Live!

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We are very excited to share our new CHEK News commercials with you all!

Watch for us airing on on channel 6, and in the meantime check out our awesome new ads!


Cam highlights how our services extend to locals of Victoria who are displaced from their homes. Did you know we work with many insurance companies around Victoria and do direct billing with them? It’s just one of our services, and one less thing to worry about while your home is under repair.

What do you think of our brand new suite at the Emerson? We are so in love with this luxury 2 bedroom suite, sitting right between Fairfield’s tranquil neighbourhood and downtown Victoria!

Premiere Suites Cam from CHEK on Vimeo.



No more costly hotels! Our fabulous star, Vanessa, explains how Premiere Suites is the perfect housing solution for corporate travellers. She’s shooting in our Penthouse suite at the Inner Harbour (the Reef), located in James Bay at 21 Erie Street.

Premiere Suites Vanessa from CHEK on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday to a VIP!

By / 5th October, 2018 / Employees, Holidays / Off

Today we wish our very own Courtney Hilverda a very Happy Birthday!

Courtney has been Premiere Suites Victoria’s reservations manager for the past three years and we honestly don’t know what we would do without her! 

Birthday lunch with Courtney hilverda


Courtney, thank you for taking great care of our guests and keeping the office running like clockwork. We are so lucky to have you!

Meet Sue Maitland!

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We are thrilled to introduce you to Sue Maitland, Victoria’s own ICF Certified Life & Career Coach. We have recently teamed up with Sue in an effort to add a valuable service to our guests who are relocating and transitioning to a new life in Victoria.

Being locals of Victoria, working in a local company, we often take for granted the network of support that surrounds us on a daily basis. We forget things like how many years it took to build the friendships around us, and the plenitude of resources that helped us to get to where we are now.  Our lives are full professionally and socially, but it took a long time to get there – often a whole lifetime.

Imagine uprooting everything you know, everything you have built up – your house, your family, your friends, your job. When relocating, some of these elements may follow you, many may not. As exciting as a new opportunity or a fresh start can be, it can also be a very stressful time in one’s life. This is why we have partnered up with Sue Maitland and recommend her coaching services to our guests who are new to Victoria. She has a special area of her practice focused on helping people have a smooth and successful transition when moving to Victoria. Some of Sue’s services include free, live information sessions and videos, co-sponsored events in Victoria, and workshops on topics such as Networking for Success in Victoria.

We are happy to introduce our guests to Sue Maitland.  Our guests can find her letter of introduction & available services within their furnished, executive suite.

Our guests love us and we love them!

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We can’t help but to feel a tad proud of this wonderful review our guest wrote!


“I first discovered Premiere Suites advertised on the City of Victoria’s website, and figured if the City is recommending this organization then it must be good!

I am extremely happy to say that the up front service and administration, and the excellent affordable long-term accommodation provided by Premiere Suites, Victoria deserves the 5-star rating in the true sense of the word!
From the initial point of contact via emails and telephone conversations; the coordination of booking our stay; the signing of the rental agreement; payment of deposit, the presentment of keys, the instructions with regard to the rental accommodation and the final key hand-off- Courtney Hilverda, Reservations Manager, Premiere Suites, Victoria ensured that our stay was exquisite in the true sense of the word! We really appreciated the personal touch (no Call Centres), and the western hospitality that was represented here and how we all felt truly welcomed to such a beautiful City as Victoria! Our thanks and appreciation is also extended to Dennis, who also went the extra mile in order to ensure that we were all settled into our accommodations as comfortably as possible for the month-long stay.

Thanks to all of you for such a marvellous stay! We look forward to our return – same place, same time next year!

All the best!
Bev Streicher and family”

-Dockside Green Synergy, April 2018


Thank you for your kind words and we are thrilled you are coming back again in 2019!

Premiere Celebrates Pride 2018

By / 10th July, 2018 / Featured Events / Off

Happy Pride 2018!

July 8th marked an important day for members of the LGBTQ2+ community and their supports.  As many as 10,000 celebrated love and diversity in the 25th annual Pride Parade, which kicked off at 11am at Pandora Street & Government.  Over 100 colourful floats and groups marched, sang, and danced their way through downtown Victoria and into James bay.  MacDonald Park was the gathering place for the Pride Festival, which attracted more than 25,000 supporters.  Since the first parade in 1994, the event has not only grown in numbers, but has grown to be more inclusive and offers something for everyone and all ages, from the very young to the very old. Enjoyed by all were the colourful costumes, music and dancing, and a beautiful display of inclusion and community.  Premiere was honoured to experience the milestone event in Victoria!


Pride Parade Victoria BC 20185

A rainbow appeared around the sun during the 25th Annual Pride Parade.

Victoria Pride Parade route map

Chateau Victoria

When it comes to accommodating our guests, we know no limits!  That is why you won’t be surprised to hear that we have partnered with the Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites to house our short-term guests. The Chateau Victoria is a great option for our clientele whose stays are less than one week (our minimum stay), or for those requiring just a couple nights accommodation until our extended-stay suites become available.

The Chateau Victoria Hotel has been a local favourite since its construction in 1966.  The property is steeped in rich history that dates back to the time the Wilson family owned the land. Long after the last Wilson died, the land sat vacant except for a parrot named Louis, who was named in the will and whose presence kept the property from being sold.  Louis’s long life delayed the construction of the hotel for a further 17 years. Eventually the time came when, in 1966, the deteriorating Wilson mansion was demolished and the Chateau Victoria hotel was erected.  Before “Vista 18,” the hotel’s restaurant was called the “Parrot House Restaurant” in honour of the parrot Louis.

We just love this story, but what we love even more are the modern suites this hotel provides, with walk-out balconies, kitchenettes, and separate bedrooms.  We recommend these suites and will even take care of our guest’s hotel reservations, from start to finish. It’s one of the many services we offer.


A Warm Welcome

By / 14th May, 2018 / Employees / Off

A Warm Welcome to the newest member of the Premiere family!

All the staff at Premeire Suites Victoria would like to congratulate Dennis on the new arrival of his baby boy!

This perfect little package was delivered on April 23rd at the Victoria General Hospital, weighing a healthy 7.08 pounds.

With love in our hearts, we welcome you to the world Logan!


warm welcome to baby logan warm welcome to baby logan



Premiere Suites Advantages

By / 27th March, 2018 / Featured Establishments / Off

Why should I book with Premiere Suites Victoria?

Many housing options are available on today’s market, from hotels to Air B&B, but you won’t find any accommodation providers that offer the convenience, security, comfort, flexibility, and value that Premiere Suites Victoria brings to their guests.  Here are just a few of the advantages to booking your accommodation with Premiere Suites Victoria.


Premiere Suites Advantages Infographic

Premiere visits the Canary Islands!

By / 13th March, 2018 / Holidays, Uncategorized / Off

Premiere Suite’s Office Assistant, Tracy, has just returned from a trip to the Canary Islands!  She has nothing but great things to say about this subtropical island oasis off the coast of Africa and has put together a list of her favourite things about this exotic destination. (All things that made travelling 22 hours with a 3 year old worthwhile!)


10 reasons to travel to the Canary Islands:

1. Beach Haven. Las Palmas on Gran Canaria is said to have one of the world’s best city beaches.  Playa de Las Canteras’s sweeping golden sand stretches 3.5 km alongside the city’s promenade and is a popular vacation destination for travellers and locals alike.

city beach boats

2. Family Friendly. Spanish people adore kids, and they are welcome everywhere.  You will never feel like a prouder parent, the way your children get doted over. With plenty of family-friendly activities offered on the islands (volcanoes, crocodile rescue parks, aquariums, etc), it is not hard to keep your little ones entertained.  Although a bucket and a beach full of sand is an easy and inexpensive way to spend the days and a go-to in our family!

3. Endless tapas bar and quaint bistros. Where in many other parts of the world we eat to sustain, the Spanish make dining a lifestyle.  Spain produces a pretty fine wine too!

4. Beautiful landscapes.  From deserts to beaches, rich farmland to volcanic moonscapes, these islands see it all.  I’ve always been a sucker for a good sunset picture!

sunset with palm trees

5. Brush up on your travellers Spanish. Spain is a great place to practice your Spanish!  Locals are happy to converse with you in their native tongue or in English, or a combination thereof. No need to feel lacking in your mastery of the language, people seem genuinely happy to accommodate you in any language and appreciate anyone trying, regardless of your skill level.

6. Gluten-free dining. Take it from a celiac who has done a lot of travelling and eaten a lot of salads on said trips.  Some places are just easier than others to travel gluten-free.  “Sin Gluten” is not only widely understood, but advertised in many restaurants on the Islands.  It is not atypical to see a “Cucina Celiaca” and to find menus clearly marked with gluten-free options. Several gluten-free beers are on offer, including Mahou, Daura Damm, and San Miguel. Salud!

People sitting on a patio

7. Great weather. The island’s geographic location, some 4* from the tropic of cancer and very close to the coast of Africa, means a consistently warm & sunny climate where the year-round temperatures only vary 6 degrees and the average temperature is between 18-24 degrees.  Ahhhhh….

8. Architecture. More than just a beach destination, the Canary Islands is home to some architectural gems. The Spanish colonial period brought with it the European Gothic and Neoclassical architecture of the time.  Traditional Canarian architecture

boy infront of cathedral

9. Manchego & more. Cured meats & cheese, and in abundance – what could be better? Manchego, made from sheep milk and Spain’s most famous cheese, is offered at nearly every tapa bar and restaurant. Majorero comes from the island of Fuerteventura and is reputed to be the best goats cheese in the world. It is even protected under European law with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status.  Try it fresh or fried with fruit or honey.

10. Something for everyone. Whether you are interested in nature, history, architecture, finding nightlife, or just simply sunbathing on the beach, these islands have a little something for everyone to enjoy. Which is why we’ll be back.