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A Christmas Lunch at Spinnakers Brewpub

We are so honoured to share a meal with Spinnakers Brewpub’s very own Paul Hadfield!  What began as an unexpected drop-by to say hello and “Merry Christmas”, turned into a lovely afternoon shared with dear friends. We know what it takes to run a business and how just how quickly your days fill up, and that is why this impromptu luncheon was so incredible… not to mention the amazing food the talented chefs prepared for us!  (Beat salad -YUM, and oysters-OMG).  We very highly recommend this incredible gastro brewpub to any one of our friends, family, and guests – and that’s why we provide a beautiful craft beer and cider to welcome each and every one of our guests to their suites.

To this, we wish everyone who makes Spinnakers so great, a very, very, Merry Christmas!


View from Spinnakers Brewpub

View of Victoria and the Coho ferry from Spinnakers Brewpub