What is the Capital Region Licensing Fee, and why do I have to pay it?

In 2016 the City of Victoria began studying the short-term rental situation with regards to local housing and affordable housing in the capital region.  Illegal short-term rentals have been a problem in the city for many years, with the city falling behind in its ability to enforce correct licensing, safety, best practices, and zoning of these suites.

Victoria City Council put forward and then passed a $1500 licensing fee for each individual suite used for short-term rentals within the correctly zoned districts.  The fees are intended to pay for the policing of illegal suites in the city.  Premiere Suites Victoria runs a legal and fully compliant short-term and extended stay rental business, however, we are not exempt from the increased licensing fees.  It is our aim to protect our rates from unnecessary increases, which is why we are collecting the licensing fee independently.  The increased cost of licensing from $120 per suite to $1500 per suite has been divided over the entire portfolio of Premiere Suites properties to maintain licensing, transparency, and stable rates.

The Capital Region Licensing fee of $4 per day will be used to cover the increase in licensing of all of our suites and any additional licensing necessary to continue providing you with a top-notch, beautiful suite, while adhering to all the correct regulations and best practices in the industry.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to direct them to City Hall via the mayor and council at: