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We are very excited to share our new CHEK News commercials with you all!

Watch for us airing on on channel 6, and in the meantime check out our awesome new ads!


Cam highlights how our services extend to locals of Victoria who are displaced from their homes. Did you know we work with many insurance companies around Victoria and do direct billing with them? It’s just one of our services, and one less thing to worry about while your home is under repair.

What do you think of our brand new suite at the Emerson? We are so in love with this luxury 2 bedroom suite, sitting right between Fairfield’s tranquil neighbourhood and downtown Victoria!

Premiere Suites Cam from CHEK on Vimeo.



No more costly hotels! Our fabulous star, Vanessa, explains how Premiere Suites is the perfect housing solution for corporate travellers. She’s shooting in our Penthouse suite at the Inner Harbour (the Reef), located in James Bay at 21 Erie Street.

Premiere Suites Vanessa from CHEK on Vimeo.