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Together we are stronger:  Simple donations bring a community together to make a difference

Premiere Suites Victoria makes a donation to Compassionate Resource Warehouse

Dell Wergeland from CRW accepts a donation from Premiere Suites Victoria

To uphold our 4 star quality standard in our suites, we are continually upgrading and improving our products and services.  With nearly 50 suites in our portfolio undergoing updates, we do end up with a lot of perfectly good, usable items that are certainly not destined to fulfill their days in the landfill.  Hence, our philosophy is that what we don’t use or need, we donate.  Today was a day not unlike others, but what started out to be an ordinary donation drop off, turned into a heart-warming glimpse into the human spirit of our dear Victorian neighbours.

Today we made a trip to the Compassionate Resource Warehouse, or the CRW as they are known locally. The CRW is a registered charity that helps those in need by collecting, processing, packaging, and shipping a variety of donated goods and equipment to responsible charities around the globe.  Walking into the Compassionate Resources Warehouse was like entering into a working beehive.  Dozens of volunteers buzzed about between towering shelves stacked high to the ceiling.  Rows upon rows of boxes stretched back into the shadowy depths of the huge warehouse.  It was almost too much to take in at first; the vast quantity of supplies was dizzying.  We were quickly greeted and welcomed a tour of the space and operations.  What initially appeared to be complete chaos, soon took the form of a tightly organized, well-oiled machine of an operation.

Every body makes a difference.

I couldn’t believe how many people came together to make a difference.  Everyone had a job to do, and everyone did it happily.  Someone was assembling educational kits for a country in need, another  was fixing sewing machines and replacing the electric components with a hand crank – so that anyone in any country could make use of the machine whether they had access to electricity or not.  Dozens of wheelchairs were collected, disassembled, reassembled, fixed, and stored.  Everything had a place in the warehouse, from sporting goods to educational materials, tools, toys, medical supplies, clothing, and housewares.  Last year alone, the Compassionate Resource Warehouse shipped over 500 walkers overseas, 2956 sewing kits, 689 bikes, 4145 medical supply boxes, and 1267 hospital beds.

It stretched my mind and warmed my heart to think that this kind of compassion is coming from our fellow friends and neighbours, who freely give their time, skills, and resources to make a difference.   The CRW is an all-volunteer organization and reflects the generosity and community spirit of Victorians, and we couldn’t be happier to donate our gently used goods to this charity.  For drop off information, visit the CRW website here.

Premiere Suites Victoria tours Compassionate Resource Warehouse

Rachelle Keeley of Premiere Suites Victoria gives a heartfelt thank you after a tour of the CRW


Images of people helped around the globe by Compassionate Resource Warehouse

Seeing these faces make it all worthwhile


Row of sewing machines ready for shipment by Compassionate Resource Warehouse

Sewing machines refurbished, labeled, and ready for shipping


Map of container shipments made in 2016 by Compassionate Resource Warehouse

Victoria’s CRW ships a full container every other week to responsible charities worldwide