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With an increase in fuel prices, a need for alternative transportation and a shift towards healthy lifestyles, Greater Victoria has seen a steady growth in the number of cyclists on the road. With constant road upgrades around the city, Victoria is becoming more rider friendly every year. It’s a great thing! Not to mention our mild weather that permits us to do so year round. With an increase in the number of cyclists on the road, it is natural that there will be an increase in the amount of incidents and hazards that will occur every year. A local Victoria geographer has aided in the creation of a website that has the ability to help cyclists come together as a community and stay safe on the road. allows cyclists to track and map road hazards. This includes bike theft, collision reports, near collisions, and cyclist hazards. Additionally it shows the rider volume on any given street. The website has the ability to grow to a global platform for cyclists all over the world. The concept is so relevant for today’s growing cyclist community. It allows lone riders to come together and share their incidents in order to warn others.


Is it possible that with an increase in safety, security and awareness that more Victoria residents would join the cyclist movement? When I was in university I would commute about 20 minutes driving every day, and it crossed my mind multiple times about the option to start cycling to work. However, immediately I had concerns that would deter me from doing so. The safety aspect, routing options, and finding help for general questions that would get me started on the road. Now myself, and I’m sure many other curious minds have the ability to have our questions answered.


I am always so happy to hear about local entrepreneurs seizing an opportunity!

-Katie Unger

Reservations Coordinator


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