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With Fall upon us and the time change just around the corner, now is the perfect time to take on new projects that will not only be good for you, for your home, but also for the planet.  These 4 DIY’s are presented in an effort to minimize the amount of plastics reaching our oceans.  We have all heard about fish and marine animals ingesting micro plastics because they resemble food.  Today a new study was released stating that corals actually like the taste of plastic.  Yikes.  So with that said, roll up your sleeves and try these simple recipes for natural, plastic free options that are good for you and our oceans.

DIY your own cosmetics instead of buying ones in plastic tubes.

Try DIY-ing your shampoo and conditioner instead of buying plastic bottles.

Skip the plastic tube toothpaste and make your own!

Reduce plastic packaging in your cleaning routine by making your own natural cleaners.



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