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Meet Linus, the newest member of the team at Premiere Suites Victoria. A little about Linus: he is a handsome young buck that enjoys long walks, but prefers if it’s not raining because he doesn’t like getting water in his ears. Linus spends most of his morning staring out the window at traffic and pedestrians. In the afternoon you can generally find him under the table taking a nap, you know he’s comfortable if he starts to snore. Throughout the day he will do his rounds to everyone’s desk, in hopes of some attention… we all don’t mind though. He is a lover of all people, and will gladly greet you at the door with a smile when you come into our office.


Linus 015

Woof Woof. Linus is a 1.5 year old Bull-Terrier X, with a heart of gold. Our reservations co-ordinator, Katie, has recently adopted him; he is a rescue from California. With the help of Raincoast Rescue, he will now have a forever home full of love and adventure. Katie had this to say: “It’s like having a child! Despite the fact that I haven’t had him for long, I already love him so much. He is such a goof, and wants nothing more than to be loved. When we are out for walks, he has the ability to bring a smile to a strangers face.”

Linus 020

Bringing a rescue into your home can be extremely challenging. There must be several layers of trust established between the master and dog. The rescue has most likely been through a lot of homes/shelters and traumatic events, making any transition for that dog difficult. They are confused, and unaware of their surroundings, but if you have the ability to open up your heart and be patient the rewards are monumental. Adopting a rescue will create a lifelong companion who wants nothing more than to love and be loved.

If you are considering adopting a dog, look into contacting your local shelter or dog rescue services.

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