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I’ve never been very good at good-byes.

In fact I think we all started to miss you the day you told us you were moving on.  So it is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to our lovely Dani.  She has been a shinning star in our office for the better part of a year and we will all miss you greatly!  What is Dani moving onto that is better than Premiere Suites you might ask?  Well certainly not better (we’re a tough act to follow!), but in a very different direction… Dani is moving to Vancouver to follow her passion in the Film industry.  With many industries and successes under her belt, we are sure she will flourish amid the creativity and craziness of the acting world!   We wish you all the best in your new endeavours Dani!  (sniff-sniff)


Dani bye byeDani Goodbye