With Labour Day behind us and temperatures reaching into the 20’s, the stage was set for a weekend of indulgence as thousands gathered at the Royal Athletic Park for the annual Great Canadian Beer Festival. The energy was high as people sipped on local and national brews reaching as far east as Nova Scotia.  Victorians are serious about their beer, with artisanal beers gaining popularity every year.  Listen beyond the buzz of tipsy chatter and you will hear conversations about lactic fermentation, quinoa and amaranth  composition, cask conditioning, aromatics, finishes, and how toasted coconut and curry powder add a whole new meaning to India Pale Ale.  Victoria’s own Spinnaker’s featured local ingredients this year, with fresh hops grown right on site at Spinnakers, and local honey being showcased in their Queen Bee Honey Kolsch.  Albeit a beer festival, crowds gathered at Tod Creek Cider, who featured an organic triple-hopped craft cider.  Music kept the vibe elevated throughout the day, and food trucks satiated the festival goers so they could keep drinking until the end.

For one magical weekend we came together to celebrate two things that go together so well. Canada and Beer: a match made in heaven.