Premiere Suites Victoria offers a hands-free approach to property ownership, meaning you can relax knowing your suite is fully looked after and professionally handled. We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals, and being rental property owners ourselves, we understand the market from both sides of the partnership; always with your best interests at heart.

Whether you are a property owner or are considering investing in a rental unit, we are here to help. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to find out how we can maximize your rental potential in Victoria’s high-speed real estate market. We look forward to showing you why we are the most recognized and trusted provider of extended stay, four-star residences across Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions by Property Owners


What types of properties do Premiere Suites handle?

Premiere Suites operates 65 suites in 30 buildings located in Victoria’s downtown core and beyond. Our properties range from studio suites to 3 bedroom townhomes, each maintaining our 4 star standard for fully furnished accommodations.  Our suites are located in desirable areas, offer a bright and open floor plan, and include secure underground parking in modern, new developments.  Premiere Suites does not represent suites in houses or basement suites.

What type of clientele does Premiere Suites service?

 We welcome all types of stays from business to leisure, however, the majority of our clientele are executives and corporate travellers. We also provide accommodations for relocation companies and work with many insurers to house displaced homeowners while their residences are being restored/renovated due to flood, fire, etc. 

What is the typical duration of a rental?

Premiere Suites’ minimum reservation is 7 nights, but the vast majority of our guests stay for 30 days or more. The average rental is approximately 6 months.  Within downtown Victoria, we have two property zonings set by city hall: Residential and Transient. Residential zoning has a 1-month minimum rental restriction whereas transient allows for shorter stays, both of which work well for us. Individual buildings Stratas also have rental restrictions that can dictate the duration of stays.

What services do Premiere Suites provide?

*Bi-weekly housekeeping services
*24/7 emergency contact for the guest
*Excellent supervision for all properties in our portfolio
*Access to our Shaw bulk account at a reduced rate
*Monthly and yearly statements of income and expenses
*All tax remittances on rentals
*NR6 tax remittance summaries for foreign owners
*Inspection of the suite after each guest, including inventory, operations, and damage/condition inspections
*A full-time operations manager to monitor and complete all aspects of repairs and maintenance to ensure all properties stay in the best condition at all times

What is a Furnished Accommodations Agreement?

Our partnership with an owner starts with a Furnished Accommodations Agreement. The agreement takes the form of a master residential lease and is for a one-year term. We then sublet the property to guests under a Reservation Agreement. The financial arrangement between Premiere Suites and the owner typically takes the form of revenue sharing in favour of the owner at 70%. Under this agreement, the owner is paid when the property is occupied.

Can owners stay in their suites?

Owners are welcome to request use of their suites for periods between October and May when 30 days advance notice is given. If the suite is rented, we will try to accommodate the owner in another available unit of similar calibre.  We are unable to move a guest once they are occupying a suite in order to accommodate an owner’s stay, as per the tenant’s Rental Agreement and the Owner’s Agreement.

What is Premiere Suites policy on pets?

Premiere Suites Victoria is pet-friendly. We require a signed Pet Agreement from any guest wishing to accommodate their pet(s) in the suite.  Owners can choose not to permit pets in their suites, though we recommend that owners do allow pets as this can increase their occupancy.

How does Premiere Suites handle damages and infractions?

To ensure the upkeep of our suites and the comfort of all guests, renters are provided with Premiere Suites Terms & Conditions, ‘House Rules,’ and Strata Bylaws. Upon a guest’s departure, Premiere’s Maintenance Manager completes a condition inspection and inventory inspection report. We do not penalize for normal ‘wear and tear,’ however any loss, damage, or infraction related to the suite will be charged back to the credit card on file. In accordance with Provincial law, and for the comfort of all guests, Premiere Suites offers a smoke-free environment in all units. As part of their rental agreement, guests are required to sign a non-smoking clause prohibiting smoking within the suite and face a fine plus immediate termination of their reservation for any infractions.

What level of occupancy can I expect?

An average occupancy of 85% is estimated over the course of the 12 month lease term. Vacancies are utilized to schedule repairs and maintenance within the units, in order to ensure suites stay in optimal condition. 

Is it the owner’s responsibility to furnish the suite?

If the suite is unfurnished, we recommend meeting with us for a consultation prior to investing in furniture for your suite. We have spent the past decade building relationships with industry partners, saving owners time and costs associated with preparing the suite for rental.  Rachelle and our Operations Manager will work with you to execute a design plan and furnish your suite with attention to comfort, style, and durability.

Why choose Premiere Suites Victoria?

Premiere Suites Victoria is a trusted provider of corporate accommodation, offering 13 years’ experience in furnished executive rentals.  Our professional staff of 10 handle all aspects of property acquisition, marketing, maintenance and management. We guarantee a highly regulated, licenced, certified, and insured alternative to the private rental market, and are accredited by the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP), and the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC).  At the end of the day, you can rest well knowing your suite is fully looked after and well maintained by our professional and experienced management team.

I am interested in investing in a rental unit. Where do I start?

Premiere’s services include support and guidance through the buying process. We carefully consider the buildings we represent to ensure the best occupancy and guest satisfaction.  Prior to putting in an offer, ask about Premiere Suites preferred property list and the criteria for selecting a unit.
Please contact Rachelle Keeley, Premiere Suites Victoria’s Business Development Manager, for more information.




Hear what our partners have to say:

I have several condos in Calgary managed by other managers/companies.  The one handled by Premiere Executive Suites in Victoria is the best.  I have not needed to return to Victoria for over 3 years.  The staff are prompt & responsive to queries.  They maintain a high standard in maintenance & management.  I strongly recommend Rachelle & staff for anyone looking for their service.

-Krish G.

I know my suite is in good hands with Premiere Suites. The staff are great and are always happy to answer any questions I have about my unit, anytime I need.  They do a great job keeping the suite occupied and in show-worthy condition, which gives me great peace of mind.

I have been continuously pleased with the services and professionalism offered by Premiere Suites, and Rachelle in particular. The time, work, and care she brings forth are truly appreciated.  Couldn’t be happier with my investment.

-Ian S.

Working with Rachelle and the team at Premiere Suites Victoria has been an amazing experience. Rachelle knew exactly what to do to showcase the features in our suite for the best rental outcome.  Her leadership in executing a design plan was truly appreciated, and the newly furnished suite is simply beautiful.  I have fallen in love all over again with the unit and am so proud to have our suite represented through Premiere Suites.

-Tracy M.

I had the pleasure of having Premier Suites as my property management company. They were wonderful to work with. All the staff – Tracy, Dennis, Courtney and Bev were professional and assisted with any of my needs. Can’t wait to work with them again.

-Jessica M.