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New properties coming soon


We hear you, Victoria. We are excited to announce our newest additions.


Looking for a new place to live for a short-term? Let us know your needs and wants and we will consider your current lifestyle.


If you are new in Victoria, one of our properties can be your temporary apartment, it will give you more time to find a new home. Perhaps you are coming on a business trip, it doesn’t matter if it is a solo trip in a studio or if the whole family is joining you, pet included. Or maybe, you are from Victoria and you need a provisional home to stay while you cannot stay at home.


We are looking forward to hosting you  with our new additions:


The Era 1209 – Located at 728 Yates Street





The Jukebox 902 – Located at 1029 View Street


Coming soon to the website

Belvedere 1001 – Located at 788 Humboldt St

Peninsula 210  – Located at 27 Songhees

The Promontory 1207 – Located at at 83 Saghalie Road

Oceana 202 – Located in Sidney 9838

Oceana 203 – Located in Sidney 9838

Oceana 204 – Located in Sidney 9838


Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to check our other properties  in our website