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I will be the first to admit that I adore all things bacon, but usually that’s where I draw the line when it comes to eating pork. I’ve never really been a fan of pork chops or tenderloin or anything else really, but when Pig BBQ Joint opened up at Johnson & Blanshard my husband insisted we go. I’m not going to lie, the first few times I stuck to the fried chicken because I still refused to try the pulled pork. That all changed last year when I finally decided to see what the fuss was all about, and I ordered my first pulled pork sandwich. It was magical, and amazing, and a lot tastier and tender than I was expecting. Pig has gradually become a guilty pleasure of mine, and with it being right across the street from our office it’s hard to resist going there for lunch all the time!


The fries are always perfectly seasoned and crispy, and the dipping sauce they pair with it is tangy and delicious. I typically order a pulled pork sandwich without coleslaw as a topping (that’s how it normally comes, I prefer my coleslaw to not have sat on hot pork), a side of fries and a side of the coleslaw on its own.


This is clearly the takeout version, but when dining in at Pig you get your meal on a tray with plenty of space for saucy goodness. I highly recommend trying the local beers on tap while there, or pick up the Phillips Brewery sodas they also carry. The Intergalactic Rootbeer is incredible! Pig is one of my number one recommendations to our guests when they ask for a great place to eat, and once they’ve tried it they completely understand why I changed my mind about pulled pork.

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