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Whether we are ready to admit it or not, it’s almost that time of year again. The Holidays are fast approaching us. This time of year brings so many things to be thankful for like family, rum and eggnog, the smell of home baked goods, those crisp and cool frosty mornings, rum and eggnog, out-door ice skating, and hoping for snow. Did I mention rum and eggnog?


I’m sure we all have a few people on our list who are difficult to shop for. The simple brother who is impossible to shop for, the aunt who has everything, or the sister-in-law who is thrilled with whatever you get her but secretly she hates it. Well, why not mix things up this year. Keep it simple and do it yourself. I’ve put together a list of DIY gifts for the Holiday’s that are a sure-fire win! Not to mention they are simple, because if you’re like me if it looks too complex it will turn into one of those Pinterest fails. Yikes!


  1. Homemade Irish Cream Whiskey – It’s like Baileys, but better. Make a big batch ahead of time, and it can keep for up to two months. Be sure to use a quality whiskey – such as Jameson’s, and you’re set for success. Did I mention that it’s cheaper than the store bought stuff as well? You can have fun with the flavours too. Try and infuse it with peppermint, vanilla, or cinnamon. One word: YUM! Click here for an amazing recipe. IMG_3310_Fotor-Lineup
  2.  Soothing Homemade Bath Salts – Here’s the great thing about bath salts, they are so simple to make and you can put whatever you want in the recipe. Maybe you’re stressed out from having your in-laws over, there’s a recipe for that. Perhaps you’re hung-over from one too many rum and eggnogs with your cousins, there’s a recipe for that. Or maybe you just need a relaxing time to yourself with no distractions, there is also a recipe for that. Disclaimer: Results may vary with every bath. These bath salts do not cure hang-overs or get rid of in-laws. Click here for awesome recipe ideas.4-Rosemary
  3. Family Cook Book – I’m sure everyone’s family has those special recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. Like grandma’s meatloaf, who doesn’t love meat loaf? It’s time to put away that old disorganized cookie tin where you are currently keeping them. Why not have them organized in a nice way that is easy to find and use. One idea is to get crafty and DIY, similar to a scrap book. Another idea is to have them digitalized and put onto the computer, so the recipes are easily sharable; there are tons of companies who are doing this right now. Here is one idea to get you started.BlogCookbook11
  4. Chocolate Nut Bark – For the chocoholic. Everyone knows someone with a sweet tooth. The staff at work is going to love this holiday-time treat. Try it with dark chocolate for that less-sweet sensation, or even mix it up with white chocolate. Heck! Why not get crazy and add some dried fruit. There is a ton of recipes out there to try, check out this one it is simple and delicious!homemade-bark_300
  5. Coffee Cup Sleeves I don’t know about you, but I love my coffee. I always use a sleeve for my coffee when I’m getting my coffee to go. Does anyone enjoy burning their fingers on the cup? This idea is so great because they are re-useable and absolutely adorable. Did you know that approximately 80% of Canadians drink coffee? That means there is a very high chance that his DIY is going to be a hit with more than one person on your list this year. This blog has as an easy step by step tutorial.0171



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