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Dear Valued Guests,

Here at Premiere Suites Victoria, we make certain that year-round our guests have a safe and clean home-away-from-home. With the current events around the world, we want to remind you that we are continuing to keep the safety of all of our guests and employees at our top priority. We are taking the threat of COVID – 19 very seriously, and are following proper steps recommended by the “World Health Organization”.

Our team members are taking the following precautions to ensure the health of themselves and the people around them:

· Our housekeeping team is required to wear gloves during each suite clean and dispose of them immediately after use. Hands are to be washed before and after using the gloves.

· Cleaning of suites during a stay is still being done bi-weekly and special focus will be on commonly touched areas, i.e.: handles, keyboard, countertops, phones, remotes, etc.

· Dishes and utensils are being cleaned with the utmost care

· All linens are being washed and dried in high temperatures

· Floors are being disinfected

· The office staff are ensuring that everything in the office is being sanitized properly and frequently

· All sick employees are encouraged to stay home until all symptoms clear

Our team has made hand washing frequently a priority and is taking special precautions in and out of the workplace.

We will also be taking extra precautions with each suite in between clients, by placing Ozone machines in every rental. The Ozone machine of our choice also includes a UV setting that ensures that any harmful bacteria are killed. Please note that we are taking the proper steps to ensure that there are no complications from using the machines in suites.

If you have any questions or concerns about our plan of action, please contact us at (250) 595-5639 or

If you have any questions about the COVID – 19 and preventions, please refer to the World Health Organization.


The Premiere Suites Victoria Team

A photo of the Ozone machine below. We are taking extra precautions by placing hightouch items close to the machines.